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(Psst.. this will change your life...seriously)
You've probably heard the messages that tell you that light bladder leakage is 'just part of being a woman' or that 'leaks happen' but I am here to set the record straight:
Light bladder leakage is incontinence and it is NOT something you need to accept as normal or part of being a woman.
Leaks may happen but they are signal your body is sending that it needs some help and I want you to know what those signals mean and what you can do about it. You see pads, drugs and surgery, while they are options, should not be the first line of defense and they're often miss addressing the real cause. You CAN live leak free. You CAN laugh and run and jump with freedom. You CAN ditch the pads for good!
You deserve knowledge about what the pelvic floor is, why it is important to your overall health and what you can do about nagging symptoms like leaking, prolapse and chronic back pain.  My book will give you clarity on the elusive kegel, as well advice from pelvic health experts across the globe so you can start improving your pelvic health right away.  It is the perfect compliment to the Kegel Mojo program and I'd love to send you a free copy -  all you pay is shipping and handling.
Inside, you'll find:
  • Empowering education about every major life stage
  • ​Lifestyle recommendations
  • Tips and techniques you can implement right away
  • Topics on exercise, nutrition, daily habits and more!
(Psst.. this will change your life...seriously)
Your Pelvic Floor - The Inside Story is PERFECT for anyone who wants to ditch the pads for good!
Hello! I'm Kim Vopni - aka The Vagina Coach
I have been helping women ditch the pads and live a leak free life for over 10 years now.  I want you to know that Light Bladder Leakage Is NOT, I repeat, NOT 'Just Part Of Being A Woman'.  You deserve better than to be told that you need to accept pads as your destiny and I am here to help.  Kegels work when done correctly, consistently and with movement.  Just being told to 'go home and do your kegels' is not enough.  Education is the first step and I have compiled guidance for the three main stages of your life - pregnancy, motherhood and menopause - as well as top tips from my most trusted colleagues around the world and wrote my book Your Pelvic Floor - The Inside Story. I  would love to send you a free copy!

Your Pelvic Floor - 
The Inside Story
The book retails for $19.97 PLUS shipping & handling, but I want to GIVE you a copy for FREE. All I ask is that you cover the $9 shipping & handling!
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Your Pelvic Floor - The Inside Story
"Kim is both professional and engaging and compels her audience with her vast knowledge and intelligent yet functional excercises. There is something for every woman here, whether young or old, a mother of many or a first time expecting mother. Do yourself a big favour and become empowered and enlightened with Kim!!
 - Terri
"It was desperation that led me to Kim. To say she's changed my life is an understatement. It wasn't long before I started feeling the difference. Now, I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of Depends and I no longer live in fear of accidents. I won't say that I finally feel like I did before I gave birth because thanks to Kim, I feel better. "
- Carly
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