Kegels Work, But....
Kegels are often prescribed but rarely taught, and that is a big reason why women don't do them OR try them and don't think they work.
Pelvic floor exercise done correctly AND consistently are two of the keys to getting rid of the leaks that are holding you back from living the life you want. The third is movement and that is the secret sauce!
If you're sick and tired of being worried and embarrassed about your leaking...
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The Easiest, Safest And Most Convenient Way 
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The Kegel Mojo program is designed to get you the pelvic floor results you want.. so you can ditch the pads for good!  

This program is designed to help you implement what you learn, and also help you make pelvic floor exercise a priority.

And the best part?

You can do this entire program from the comfort of your own home. You never have to step foot in a gym!
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What is Kegel Mojo?

A complete online program that you can access whenever you want, wherever you want now and forever!

It includes:
Educational videos that tell you everything you need to know to beat incontinence, prolapse and back pain.  
Exercise videos (over 60 of them) that target your core and pelvic floor to make them as strong as they should be.
Workouts that range from beginner to advanced. 
Guest Expert Interviews, where you'll learn from a Urogynecologist, Nurse Continence Advisor, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist and more! 
Meal Plans to help balance hormones, eliminate constipation and make healthy meals fast!
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What's included..
Kegel Mojo is a comprehensive pelvic floor fitness program.
There are 31 lessons, all stored inside our exclusive members' only portal. 
You get lifetime access to instructional educational videos, exercise videos, workouts, guest expert interviews, meal plans, and so much more. You can refer back to it whenever you like and any time I update it with new information, you will get it.
Here's lesson #15 - "The Core Breath":
"Kegel Mojo is an excellent investment. Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach, has created a resource that is evidence-based, safe, and easy to understand. Short videos demonstrate and explain the exercises and workouts range from beginner or easy to more difficult. This allows for progressively more challenge to the muscles, a necessary feature for building better pelvic health. It comes with a vast collection of interviews and lectures with leading women’s health practitioners and thought-leaders to enhance understanding of your body. If you are looking to cure your incontinence or support your pelvic organ prolapse from the privacy and convenience of your own home that you can feel confident is safe and effective, this is the program."

- Gillian McCormick, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Health Educator/Speaker
Kegel Mojo
Stop your leaks sooner and ditch the pads for GOOD!
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Other Women Have Asked...
How long will it be until I see results?
Kegels work when they are done correctly, consistently and coordinated with movement. Most people who dedicate 5-10 minutes a day to pelvic floor fitness notice changes in as little as 2 weeks.
Is there any special equipment I need?
I recommend having an exercise (stability) ball, a yoga strap, and a yoga block but there are not mandatory. A couch, stacks of towels and a long scarf can be used instead.
I've had leaks for years. Is this going to help me at this point?
YES! It is never too late. No matter your age, your life stage, if you have had children or not, this program is for you. Core retraining and consistent pelvic floor fitness are essential for stopping the leaks and maintaining optimal function.
I don't leak but I have a prolapse. Will this program still help me?
YES! This is a comprehensive program for overall pelvic floor fitness. Incontinence, organ prolapse, chronic back pain - these are all signs of a core that would benefit from some help and Kegel Mojo is the solution. It also includes a section on low pressure fitness or hypopressives that are incredibly effective for prolapse as well as incontinence.
How long are the workouts?
I have included 6 workouts - 2 beginner, 2 intermediate and 2 advanced. They each take about 10 minutes to complete. You can download them and print them off so you can have them with you even if you don't have wifi.
Can I do all of the exercises at home or do I need to go to a gym?
You can do them anywhere you like. I designed them to be exercises you can do on the go or at home or at the gym.  
If I have questions as I go through the program can I ask someone?
You bet! I happily answer any questions you have as you work through the content.
I am working with a pelvic floor physiotherapist.  Do I still need this?
I work collaboratively with pelvic floor physiotherapists and many of them endorse this program and recommend it to their patients. Pelvic floor physical therapists handle the internal assessment and treatment and then make recommendations for core retraining and fitness. This program is perfect for supporting the work you have done with your physio and will help you maintain the benefits as you move through life.
Christine Matheson, ND, gives Kegel Mojo a glowing review in her video testimonial.
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A comprehensive pelvic floor strengthening program.
  • EXCLUSIVE members' only portal
  • ​31 lessons (& growing!)
  • Educational + exercise videos
  • ​Images
  • ​Workouts
  • ​Guest expert interviews
  • ​Meal plans
  • LIFETIME access
  • and so much more!
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